Information in physics leads to God in charge of existence

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Information in physics leads to God in charge of existence

Post by Marius de Jess on Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:05 am

The occasion for this thread is an inquiry by a member of Metafilter:

Is the Universe made of information?

I wrote an email to him, to talk about information among physicists and how God is in charge of existence.

mgeduld at gmail dot com

The way I see it, physicists when they talk about like information is lost in a black hole, I guess they mean information is first and foremost something existing independently of our mind, like for example the concept of say dog the animal, as a concept it is a thought in our mind.

So, what is that something existing independently and outside of our mind, and is lost when it gets 'sucked' into a black hole?

Have you found out what they are talking about, namely, information?

I am always trying to understand what physicists are talking about, but they are the way I see them, never taking the trouble to define their words or terms, and I don't blame them because they among themselves presume that they are talking about exactly the same thing, like for example, information.

Now, I don't think so!

They are in fact even though they don't know it, talking about some vague thing but just the same they do understand, that it is something that is independent of their minds, like when they use the word information.

So, the way I see them, as scientists they really do NOT care about exactitude with their words or terms.


Because if they care to really examine themselves to come to concur among themselves on agreeing to have and maintain among themselves, the precise concept of what they are talking about, then they will realize so many things about which they don't really factor in, into their thinking.

And that is the way they want it, namely, not to be exactly precise with their mutually understood and agreed on about what is that thing they are talking about; instead of all of them 'conspire' to not bother with being precise and definite with what in minute details they are talking about.

Now, you ask them, the presumably experts in physics in Metafilter, what is information, or even the much published scientists socalled like Hawking and Krauss, is information something existing independently of our mind or not, and see how they are going to answer you.

In my own thinking, when physicists use the term information, like information is lost in a black hole i.e. when it gets to be 'sucked' into it, they certainly are referring to something existing in actual reality and independently of their minds.

Then you ask them: So, you mean things no longer exist when they get lost in a black hole?

See how they answer you, and you will realize that they are telling you, You have to know mathematics, like the kind we use, to understand what we are talking about.

Do you realize that they are now into no longer things independently of our mind, but in fact dwelling in our mind namely their mathematics, so that if you don't know mathematics the kind they use to talk about information lost in a black hole, you will not understand what is say, information.

That brings in the question, Is mathematics, any kind at all, from simple arithmetic to the most recondite kinds invented by mathematicians themselves and also of course physicists, does mathematics exist independently of man's mind, OR IT EXISTS EVEN THE ONES INVENTED BY HUMANS, IT EXISTS IN A MIND THAT IS MORE IMMENSE AND MORE SUBTLE THAN ANY MIND THAT IS NOT SELF-EXISTING.

At this point, if you are following me, you and I will have to come to the idea of a being that is in charge of existence itself, namely, God.

No, not the gods that atheists will (hope you are not an atheist) as from a cue, inquire flippantly, which gods or goddesses or deities or flying spaghetti monsters and similar ridiculous images are you talking about.

If you are intelligent, you know it is about time you stop trying to have a sensible exchange with them, because you have and I have also the idea, that God is first and foremost the creator and operator of the universe and of everything with a beginning, so that if God is not first and foremost THAT, then we humans don’t have to bother with Him.

Anyway, I like to read from you, on your take about my thoughts in this email.

So, what do you guys here say?

Marius de Jess

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